02-08-09: Valentine Wishes and Law Abiding Citizen

Gerard Butler Dot Net Valentine WishesOur annual Valentine Wishes Campaign is now underway! Once again, our patron charity, Kids Kicking Cancer, will be the beneficiary of this years effort, which will run through March 15, 2009. In addition, you can leave a Virtual Valentine for Gerard on the campaign page, whether your donate or not. As always, we thank everyone in advance for your generosity!


Not a lot of news out of Philadelphia this week, but today’s Philly/Delaware area newspapers bring us some insight into the films progress.

The Delaware County Daily Times features an article on the old Broadmeadow prison being used for scenes in Law Abiding Citizen.

Michael Klein over at The Philadelphia Inquirer also provides some details on where the steak for the film originates.  You read that right, we said “steak.”  Read more…


The February issue of the Gerard Butler Dot Net Monthly Newsletter went out this morning.  Thanks once again to Julianna for all her hard work each month!  Thanks also to Sharon for proofreading this month’s issue.  For those who have not subscribed, but still like to browse previous newsletters, the January 2009 newsletter is now in the archives.  You may also subscribe to the newsletter on that page.  The once-a-month email is sent out on or before the 10th of every month.

All the career achievements have now been transferred to the new platform.  Most can be rated and reviewed right on their individual pages.  We didn’t include the ratings/reviews option for the stage work or some of the minor films in which Gerard appeared.

Finally, GB.Net’s 8th Anniversary is coming up this week, but we don’t want to forget founding admin K’s BIG 4-0 Birthday, which was yesterday, February 7!  This site is all YOUR fault, but we love you anyway!  Hope you had a fabulous day!!


  1. Ana Maria (tartanspartan) says:

    Happy 8th Anniversary GB.net ! Well done!

    Thanks for all the hard work and for giving us a place to follow Gerry’s career whilst making new friends.

  2. mjbooklady says:


    CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for keeping fans up-to-date on Gerry’s career over the past 8 years.

    Looking forward to another 8 years of great Gerry news!

  3. Please accept my sincere congratulations. site a success thanks to your efforts