VIDEO: Watch Gerry on Good Morning America!


  1. Jovial Mom says:

    I enjoyed the interview very much. Gerry is always so adorable and entertaining. It was great to hear him say something about the correct pronunciation of “Gerard”. Yay, GERard! I always call him Gerry, though!

  2. Rose Marie says:

    I saw Playing for Keeps today. I loved it. Gerard is a wonderful, versatile actor. He never disappoints. I would see anything he is in.

    • June Coston says:

      I agree. Gerry is so warm and welcoming in his
      acting and his life.
      I just adore him .
      ( Can I meet you, Gerry ? )
      June, of Texas.

      • June Coston says:

        I agree. Gerry is welcoming in acting and life.
        I just adore him. Can I meet you ?
        June of Texas !!!!