10-16-09: Watch Gerard on Jimmy Fallon

Watch Gerard Butler and Jimmy Fallon take to the stage in song! (Video streams to US only)

Gerard’s Interview from NBC.com:

Full Episode from NBC.com (watch Gerry dance as he is introduced):


Law Abiding Citizen Poster“Butler makes such a charismatic villain/antihero that you never quite stop rooting for him, which is a credit to the performance…” – Variety

“…a pretty solid flick, boasting a top-notch performance by star Gerard Butler.” – JoBlo.com

“Filling the ethical gray area is Gerard Butler who nails his character about as completely as someone could. ” – Film School Rejects

“If you’re a fan of either Gerard Butler or Jamie Foxx, then Law Abiding Citizen is the film to see. It’s got action, suspense, and is an intense ride that will have you guess at what will happen next.” – Shakefire

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Gerard Butler on Saturday Night Live
– Gerard will appear on The Bonnie Hunt Show today, October 16,  Saturday Night Live on October 17 and MTV’s It’s On Alexa Chung on Monday, October 19.  Show your support for Gerry on SNL here.

Bonnie Hunt Preview – Gerard Enjoys a Deep-Fried Mars Bar:

Gerard is #10 on Empire Online’s list of 50 Sexiest Male Movie Stars.  Vote on the site if you think Gerard should be higher up on the list!

Gerard continues to lead the voting for Hollywood Male Star of the Year poll on Yahoo! The nominees were selected by the Hollywood Film Festival Award Committee and the final awards will be presented at the Hollywood Movie Awards Gala Ceremony on October 26.  Cast your vote today!


  1. gerry, i have loved all of your recent interviews. you have been so open and funnny with them. thank you for your appearance on the jimmy fallon show. You Gave Us A TREAT By SINGING. Was Wonderful. i think i speak for many that we wish we could hear you sing more often. i also enjoyed your visit with bonnie hunt. she is a wonderful lady and you just played along with whatevever she threw your way. iv’e seen law abiding citizen twice already. loved it. you really got into your part. enjoyed your stint on SNL too. enjoy your rest but please let us know where you are at times so we know you are well. debra

  2. Shirley Bishai says:

    Hello Jerry “Bright Eyes”,

    Loved your appearance on Bonnie Hunt Show! You were so relaxed, funny and sincere. Bonnie Hunt was wonderful with her questions and comical innuendos. Loved the apron…very gutsy of you! So you definitely recommend the fried Mars Bar?

    Loved your singing performance with Jimmy Fallon. Love to hear you do more singing.

    Have fun on SNL and on the opening weekend of your movie, “Law Abiding Citizen”!



  3. jill epler says:

    CHEERS GERRY FOR BEING IN THE TOP 10!! But the truth be told, YOU SHOULD BE #1 THIS YEAR, then Johnny 2, Brad 3 and so on. I have a great idea, put you 3 in an iron cage and duke it out. We all know who would win!!! Or who out of the 3 of you would have the most wild, exciting, tall tale to tell,,,YOU. You have the personality and charm and wit the others lack. congrads!!

    We just love ya to pieces!!
    Strength, honor and blessings,
    Jilly and Family from FL