10-10-09: Watch Gerard on The Late Late Show

Gerard Butler on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  Watch in 2 parts below:

Rebecca Murray at About.com has another fabulous interview with Gerard and Alan Siegel on the red carpet at the Law Abiding Citizen premiere.  Check it out here.

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Gerard is scheduled to appear on The Bonnie Hunt Show on Friday, October 16.  Check her website for times and stations in your area.


The Gerard Butler Dot Net Charity Group is sponsoring this years birthday charity campaign to benefit Kids Kicking Cancer!  Our goal is modest this year and ALL donations contributed are tax deductible.   The campaign will go through December 31.  Click here to learn more and donate!

In addition, we have opened up a special Birthday guestbook where you can leave Gerard a virtual birthday card for the BIG 4-0!!  Send your message to Gerry now! The guestbook will be open until November 15.


hollywood-film-festivalNow YOU, the movie fan, have a chance to vote for your favorite movie of the past year. The nominees below have been selected by the Hollywood Film Festival Award Committee and the final awards will be presented at the Hollywood Movie Awards Gala Ceremony on October 26. Gerard is nominated as HOLLYWOOD MALE STAR OF THE YEAR.  Cast your vote today!


  1. Sue Phagan says:

    These two are a GREAT interview!! Very entertaining! Besides being a great, versatile actor, this man has it all….and, is so gracious to his fans!!

  2. sue grint says:

    i always love the interviews with craig and gerry, there the best. it was hilarious from start to finish and they have such a scottish sense of humour and fun, which is always very wicked. the part about his jacket was really great to me as i have a pair of trousers like that so perhaps we can get together sometime and feel each other. oh naughty, but nice.

    just read that the bounty hunter, as it is now definitely going to be called, is coming out in march 2010. i hope it comes out in uk then as well as my birthday is in march. also, seeings gerry has been over to the uk once this year, and i have met him again, third year running, it would be nice if he could premiere over here for the bounty hunter next year in march, as i first met him on my birthday in 2007 at the premiere of 300. if i cant have him always, i can survive on once a year if i have to groan groan groan.

  3. The Craig Ferguson show with Gerry was the coolest!!! Two Scottish bad boys! So sexy and hilarious.

    The high level of excitement around here is contagious, I feel positively breathless. I cannot wait until I see this new movie. Fever pitch, that’s what it is.

    I know Law Abiding Citizen is going to be great!

    Love ya Gerry…wishing all the best from the universe to fall sparkling down around you.

  4. laurelmoonstar says:

    THAT is why I love the Man so much!!!!!