Watch the Machine Gun Preacher Trailer!

We’ll just let the below speak for itself. Enjoy!


Official Website:


  1. Patricia Brasher (4tunate) says:

    Great trailer!! I really want to see this movie not on DVD but in the movie theater. I will not drive 200 miles to see it however. What’s with this limited release? They really need to push this. Because of the name it will probably eliminate several Christians (because of Machine Gun) and several non-believers (because of Preacher). They have to let the populace know what it’s about and what a great story it is. You can’t beat a true story like this one

  2. The trailer looks amazing and I am looking forward very much to seeing the whole movie.

    I just hope it gets a wide enough screening to let people have the chance to see it, as when they say ‘selected cinemas’ I wonder just what that can mean.

    Well done,Gerry, and also for ‘Coriolanus’. I hope some of the film critics give you the credit you deserve this time for your choice of roles.

  3. Catherine Beasley says:


    Nice to see Gerry back doing what he does best. The movie looks like Oscar quality

    Good luck

  4. Very good trailer.thanks a lot for posting it. Hope the film arrives soon to spain. Helen

  5. y want to see it righ now !

  6. Can’t wait to see this one. I think he’s finally done it. Oscar time!!!!!!!! That would be terrific

  7. mjbooklady says:

    So great to finally see the poster and the trailer — the film looks really good. Best of luck to Gerry and everyone in the production.

  8. Jovial Mom says:

    Thanks SO much for posting this trailer! I can’t wait to see the movie. Woo hoo! Go, Gerry! It’s Academy Awards time.